Maintaining A Lawn The Green Way

During my adolescent years when I was learning to cut grass, I gave little thought about the environment and the different types of lawn equipment available to maintain a lawn. I thought gasoline was the way to go just like most people. While attending college, I started to learn more about electric vehicles and electric lawn equipment. Various topics and programs started to boost my interest in robotics and automation, and that lead me to building a remote control electric lawn mower for my college senior project. Since that moment, I have never went back to using gas powered lawn equipment. Below I will list the main electric lawn equipment I’m currently using to maintain my yard for those of you who may be interested. Lawn Mower  The electric lawn mower I chose to go with is the EGO LM2102SP. This lawn mower stood out from the rest for me due to the design, features, and reviews. Some lawn mower are corded and if that was my only option for a electric lawn mower, I would probably still be using a gas powered lawn mower. The EGO lawn mower has a rechargeable battery which last long enough for me to cut my front and back yard. The lawn mower also comes with 3 different discharge options (mulching, side discharge, and bagging). These are only a few of the pros about this lawn mower. Check out our recent video about this lawn mower on YouTube. Trimmer & Blower For keeping the edge of the yard and walkways neat, I picked up the Black & Decker LST136 weed eater and blower combo. Due to the low cost, reviews, and the fact that it came with a blower, I found this to be a great purchase. The Trimmer This trimmer is extremely light weight (7.8lbs) compared to a gas powered weed eater. It comes with a 40v rechargeable lithium ion battery which holds a charge long enough for me trim my entire front and back yard. The battery also has LED indicators to let you know how much battery power is left. The trimmer has a cutting width of 13 inches and is designed with an automatic feed spool which requires no bumping. Another cool feature about this trimmer is the power command. Basically this feature allows you to change how much power you are using while trimming or edging the lawn. The built-in trim guard is a nice feature when trimming around plants. This trimmer also is much quieter than a traditional gas powered trimmer.  The Blower The included electric blower is not much to brag about in my opinion. The blowing power is a joke, but it gets the job done if you have patients. The blower is not great for heavy patches of grass without holding the blower 3-4 inches away from the material. I do enjoy that the blower uses the same battery as the trimmer, so after you finish trimming or edging the lawn, swapping the battery to the next device is a breeze.  Hedge Trimmer Since my home has many bushes, cypress plants, etc. that occasionally need […]

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