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  1. Otis Lockhart Jr April 2, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Hey! Count me in,  I want it,  And also, I would like to know how to totally get off the grid using solar energy, me and my wife are building an earth bag home, we bought some land in Arkansas, could you please, give me some information on how I would wire an earth bag home. And also how I would tie this newly wired system, into my solar system, how many deep cycle batteries would I need for a family of six, or a four bedroom home. And would I need a back up solar system, if so how would I set it up?   
                                                                                  THANK YOU

  2. With all the information (the videos alone are amazing) i am really surprised that you don’t have more people subscribed and posting here. I will be sure to tell a few friends 😉

  3. Well this site is still fairly new, still under a year old, but it is growing and the word is finally starting to get out thanks to people like you. 🙂

  4. Hello Robert,
    In India the we recieve 240 V AC everywhere and in US it is 110 V AC. How it it will differe in calculation? what I need to consider while choosing 12V battery and Inverter
    I already have an inverter of 850 W, so is it fine if I create a panel which can generate lesser watt (say 120W). If I am not making a mistake then it would not create any harm to Panel or inverter as we will be using charge controler. I guess in such case i need to make sure that I am not running a equipement having wattage more than 120 watt. Please let me know your comments. I really need your guidance on it.

    With Regards,

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