How To Build A Solar Panel DIY

how to build a solar panel


  1. IBEH DONALD says

    Thanks for your zeal to expose the techniques of building solar panel.
    I am from Nigeria, I have a strong passion to build a solar panel and have a constant power supply. I’m seeing you as my mentor.
    I understand one of the major thing is the solar cell. please how can I get the solar cells at the cheapest price please? Reply.

    Again, other ways or instructions that can help me build a locally made solar panel, please advice me by sending the materials examples eBook, write-ups and videos. I will appreciate them.

  2. اسدی از ایران says

    OK Very good

  3. Mohammad Halim says

    I’m interested in making solar panel.we live in Afghanistan therefore there is lack of elctricity. Especially in rural areas and also peolpe use from disel machines to irrigate their lands and gardens.

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